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The Audience Experience

Computational Audio Technology based on HPC


“HPC4D is driving the music in a new direction” – Intel Corporation

HPC4D® opens up a whole new world of possibilities for music beyond stereo. By leveraging High-Performance Computing algorithms and AI, our technology renders a four-dimensional soundstage that envelops the audience. We make stereo obsolete.



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Our sound effect features go far beyond sound movement and panning. We utilize a multiphysics engine that runs on HPC using Intel Omni-Path and the Aural Computing Engine . Think of HPC4D as an upgrade in audio experience akin to looking at a 3D hologram, as opposed to a traditional photograph. HPC4D music embraces multichannel, object-based surround. However, it builds on top of that to make the music experience far more captivating. HPC4D is a multichannel, multidimensional and dynamic music structure created by sophisticated computing of the space, time and the tone fabric of sounds in coherence with melody, harmony and rhythm. It is a computationally intensive process that allows you to create music that was not possible before.


Beyond ordinary digital stereo and surround


Musicians are pushing the envelope of technology

When musicians get to create in HPC4D, they discover a world of music that's completely new. New creative possibilities come to life with the extensive use of High-Performance Computing. 


In-Car Entertainment

It is very important for us to create a healthy revenue stream for musicians all around the world. The HPC4D music cloud distribution mechanism and the scalability of our business models are engineered to be 100% piracy-immune. This is the reason why we chose the connected autonomous vehicle as the first platform for this new music experience. 




Intel and HPCmusic are using the Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) to set the stage for a transformation of the music industry by tapping into supercomputing. The first prototype HPC4D system combines Intel® Xeon Phi™  and Intel® Omni-Path architecture. 

Intel chose the ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference to debut three demos that showcase how high-performance computing revolutionizes music and paves the road for the next level of entertainment for the car, the cinema, the club, VR, the home, mobile and video games.



HPCmusic, Inc. is honored to partner with few of the best audio software developers in the world, like Flux, AAS, U-He, 2CAudio, Sonible , DMGAudio, Softube , Eiosis , and Rob Papen. 

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