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The DSC Desktop Supercomputer is the most powerful machine ever designed to run professional music production applications. It draws its unlimited power from Intel® Scalable System Framework  and the Aural Computing Engine. DSC sets a new standard for discrete-time systems capabilities and digital signal processing. It is designed to enable the transition towards a sustainable music industry and a Digital 2.0 immersive experience. Equipped with up to 504 processor cores (1872 threads), combining Intel® Xeon and Phi, Intel® Optane™ Technology based on 3D XPoint™ non-volatile memory media, and Intel® Omni-Path fabrics the DSC Desktop Supercomputer introduces the next era of X86 native DSP processing, all in a compact, low noise, self-contained HPC system that runs on standard office power.

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In this computationally intensive society, high performance computing has touched virtualy every academic discipline and industry sectors – from materials science to medicine to manufacturing, 3D graphics and simulation. But what about music? Music has waited its turn to be influenced by HPC and is now firmly in its domain.


With periodic and often incremental performance improvements in personal-computing technology, the dramatic capabilities of DSC  wouldn’t have arrived until year 2030. We simply can't afford to wait for that. As we all know, music is not in its best shape. The golden years of record production are far behind us.  Piracy and streaming services are hitting artists harder than ever. As Quincy Jones wrote, "The genie is not going back in the bottle friends; let's work together to find solutions to the music industry's problems."



Fortunately, breakthroughs happen. DSC redefines performance, cost and creative capabilities today for the entire industry and the masterpieces yet to be recorded.

*HPCmusic DSC Desktop Supercomputer has a peak performance of 22 teraFLOPS based on Intel® Phi, Intel® Xeon and Omni-Path fabric.


DSC using Haswel-EP delivers 210x more audio-dedicated throughput than ‘the industry standard’ Pro tools HDX3, 100x more than the 12core Apple Mac Pro and 315x more throughput than 4x UAD2 OCTO. This is its worst-case scenario.


Cost per GFLOPS is 35x better than the current industry standard music production tools.


It is time to go beyond Digital 1.0 and explore new peaks of creativity and immersive sound experience. We invite you to witness the beginning of a new world of creation. Welcome to the supercomputing era of music innovation. Hold on tight.



The DSC solution architected by HPCmusic, Inc. The software development took place on an SGI system and the aesthetic design was inspired by Cray-2 Supercomputer. In true supercomputing manner, we measure performance of our system in floating-point operations per second. It’s the industry standard measure of speed known as “FLOPS.” DSC is compatible with VST, AU and AAX industry standards and serves as a development platform for the ACE (Aural Computing Engine).

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